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China Economic News

Weekly Publication

China Economic News focuses on reporting and commencing the newest economic policy that may relate China. It provides you the advance information that spread the knowledge of economic new phase. FOREX Trading Asia

china customs statisticsChina Customs Statistics

China Customs statistics are the country's official external merchandise trade statistics. China Customs is responsible for trade data collection, processing, compilation and publication. By adopting standard concepts and definitions recommended by United Nations for use in international trade statistics, China Customs figures are comprehensive, reliable and internationally comparable.
Economic Reporter

Economic Reporter established in 1947 and it is the only Hong Kong economic magazine that can issue in Mainland China. It explores the economic and finance status of Hong Kong. It also has translated version in Mainland China, Taiwan, Macao, and many other countries.
World Manufacturing Engineering & Market (WMEM)

WMEM was launched in 1988 and has had a good reputation in China and the world because of its sharp vision, quick guidance and rich contents in metalworking industry fields. In the new millennium, WMEM will step on a new IT level.

chinese medicalChinese Medical

Modern Traditional Chinese Medicine is the most authoritative Chinese magazine on the application, research and usage of Chinese herbs, natural remedies, and traditional medical recipes. The advisory broad of the magazine is composed of top-notch scientist, doctors, and professors of the TCM field. This particular magazine is the only one of its kind in circulation both in China and Taiwan, and amongst all Chinese communities around the world.

China Machinery & Equipment

"CMEC-China Machinery & Equipment" published jointly by China National Machinery &Equipment Import & Export Corporation & Economic Information & Agency of Hong Kong is a professional journal with its circulation to the different provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China as well as to more than 100 countries and regions worldwide.


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